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Gonna Be Alright

Dr. Adam Starks

Dr. Adam Starks is the Founder and CEO of MNDYRR (pronounced "mender") Technologies, a multi-use app company dedicated to solving the youth mental health and child welfare professional burnout crises. As a success story out of the foster care system, Adam believes his lived experience can be replicated by overcoming the barriers to healthcare access based on socio-economic factors with tech-based solutions. Dr. Starks earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Management & Leadership from Capella University in 2011. With subject-matter expertise and systems thinking approach, Adam is ready to lead MNDYRR to address the challenges associated with the social determinants of health. 

Dr. Adam Starks is a motivational keynote speaker on topics ranging from foster care, child welfare, youth homelessness, and trauma-informed care. As a former ward of the state who broke the cycle, he empowers audiences to uplift at-promise youth by tapping into community resources to convert the potential in our youth toward positive outcomes. He serves on his local school board and as President of the West Virginia CASA Association board.  Adam is also a multi-genre author of books such as his autobiography, Broken Child Mended Man, and the children’s book, Love Will Find Your Home.

Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors